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Head on over to my tumblr for all the info and to enter!…

I’m so excited about seeing the new Fault in our Stars movie trailer!  It looks like such a great movie and I can’t wait to see it. In honor of this, I’m giving away a TFIOS mask.

A while ago, I made this mask (you can see more pictures here) and it seems a few people liked it!  I’m offering a similar mask (either in blue or silver) to someone here on Tumblr. 

Here are the rules -

~ No need to follow, but you are more than welcome

~ Reblogs only, likes will not throw your name in the ring

~By reblogging, I’ll pull your username out and it will go in a spreadsheet with a randomly assigned number.  Then, a random number generator online will choose the winner.

~ The contest is up on February 12th 2014 - two weeks away

~ Please turn your asks on so I can contact you, should you win.  If I can not contact you after 24 hours, I’ll choose a new winner. 

~ The winner will need to provide an address to ship the mask

~ The winner can choose the background color - either blue or silver - and the punctuation on the Okay? Okay.

Good luck everyone!

Edited to add that a winner has been chosen!  Good luck to everyone next time. 

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Give away time!

I just painted a Captain Marvel-inspired leather masquerade mask.  I love Jamie McKelvie's redesign of the costume.  I've had this idea rattling around for a while, so I grabbed one of my leather mask bases and started painting.  The base is black, and then I brushed blue, gold, and red metallic so they are a bit transparent.  You can see it on DA here -

And I'm giving it away over on tumblr!  If you are interested in owning this mask, please follow the rules stated below over on tumblr -…


~Please reblog to throw your name in the running

~You can reblog once a day, but please don't spam your friends

~Please turn on your "asks" so I can get a hold of you should you win

~Contest closes 5pm (PST) on 7/21/13

I will cover shipping and, once I confirm your address, it will take 3-6 days within the USA or 7-10 days international.

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More Joy Day 2013

Today is the most awesome of days More Joy Day (…)!  The wonderful SDwolfpup started this six years ago and I love that it is still going strong.  Today is all about being nice and spreading joy.  

So, it's GIVE AWAY time!  I have a few masks that were "testers" or are "fannish" in a way that I wouldn't feel comfortable selling.  But maybe someone will love these.  Maybe these could find the perfect homes and it would make someone really happy to have a handpainted masquerade mask. 

There are four masks to choose from and you can put your name in the hat for just one, or all of them, if you'd like.  You could even participate over on Tumblr (…) AND on Livejournal (…).  There are instructions over on those posts on how to participate. 

• The first is a Supernatural inspired mask that has a black base and features a silver Devil's Trap design.  It has then been distressed to look well loved and worn in. (
• Then, there is a Teen Wolf inspired mask.  The base is dark blue with silver "clouds" and a full moon (that is GLOW IN THE DARK).  There is a black triskelion and swirls to complete this mask.(
• The next is a Game of Thrones inspired featuring the House Stark logo. Winter is coming! (
• Finally, there is a comic book inspired mask.  The shape off to the side is reminiscent of a BAM! or POW! (

I will announce the winner on Monday, January 14th.  If more than one person chooses the correct number, we will figure something out… I promise.  I will send you a private message and get your address. Within one week for the US or 10+ days for international, you will have a shiny new mask!

Good luck everyone!
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I'm super excited to be participating in a "Christmas in July" sale with my PDX etsy group. It's from July 12th -22nd and I'm offering 20% off all my masks. Just use the CIJPDX code and save!

You can find more information here -…

If you've liked any of the masks seen here on my DA and are interested in purchasing them, please let me know over on Etsy.  I can do custom listings, costume masks, Day of the Dead masks, Renn fair masks, Halloween masks and, of course, masquerade masks.  

My etsy store can be found here -
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Give away time!  I recently made a few MCR inspired masks and now one of them could be yours.  I'm giving away my "PANSY" mask free to a good MCR loving home. (…)

First - head over to this tumblr post (…)

This is how it is going to work.  You don't need to follow me on either Tumblr or DA (really, I'm quite boring anyway).  All you need to do is reblog that post on Tumblr and I'll put your name in the hat.  You can reblog up to 3 times.  I'll send a message to your ask box once I have a winner to get your address.

Shipping is also free, but it will be economy so the further you are from the US, the longer it will take.

I will pick a winner next Friday (1-20-12).  I hope you like it!  It's a cute little mask! :D

ETA - the winner was revealed!  Thanks to everyone who participated.
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Wow!  Ray Toro just tweeted a picture of my Sing It For Japan mask!  

Not only did they get the masks, but he likes 'em! :D :D :D

This has seriously made my day... hell, my week.  No, maybe my month!
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What an AMAZING experience!

I finally saw MCR (twice) and they were amazing!  I was so excited and even gave a bunch of masks to the band.  Here are links to see the ones for Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray, and one for Mike (I didn't want him to feel left out).  I also gave them my SINGItForJapan mask in case Ray wanted it. (Well, I handed them off to security, so I hope the guys got them!)

Actually, Frankie came out after both shows to sign and here is my signed mask.  What a sweetheart?!  Even though it was cold and raining, he came out until he had to be literally dragged back to the bus.  That makes me love him even more, which I didn't think was even possible.

Really, people were SO NICE and complimentary about my masks.  My whole group was wearing them and I can't even remember how many people came up and talked to us.  It made me feel AWESOME!  It was like I had fans. :D

In case anyone is interested, I took my camera to both shows and got some awesome shots from the concerts.  They are over on flickr and here is the set for Portland and the one for Seattle.  

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I've finally set up a facebook page!  So, now links to my stuff will be these -

Deviant Art

At some point, I'd like to list a discount code for my FB friends or DA watchers.  Hmmm... I'll definitely look into that. :D
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Oh my!  Someone got me a premium membership! o/  Woo hoo!  

*hugs* my wonderful anonymous friend!
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